Open Octave Midi 2012 Roadmap!

This page will be a moving target and will update throughout the year. Stay tuned for more exciting information!


red = not completed

green = completed


Release Timeline

Open Octave Midi will be released in three stages in 2012.


1. Open Octave Midi 2012.1 Beta 1: March 1st 2012

There will be 2 Betas and then release of Open Octave Midi 2012.1

This release will include the following:

  • Audio Import / Clip Management
  • Large Time Clock Widget
  • Project Navigation Bar
  • Better Automation Tools
  • Better Plugin Support
  • Better Controller Input Support


2. Open Octave Midi 2012.2 To be anounced

This release will include the following:

  • Windows and Mac Support


3. Open Octave Midi 2012.3 To be anounced

This release will include the following:

  • Video Tracks
  • Surround Sound Mixing
  • Integrate for Syncing with MuseScore
  • New Editing Canvas



This is what we have done so far

(Geeks only!)

2012 Changelog


Audio Import / Clip Management

Introduction of an all new clip management tool that can play, bookmark, drag and drop into the timeline.

Open Octave Midi Clip Manager


Large Time Clock Widget

Tracks: Time, Frames, Beats, Bars, Cursor Position

The Open Octave Time Widget


Project Navigation Bar

Navigate your entire project easily! You can see every aspect of your project in one easy to navigate window. See parts, zoom, playback cursor, markers, punchin and punch out, as well as single click to any part of your song!


Better Automation Tools

Make automation work better with input, input on grid and better tools for drawing curves.


Better Plugin Support

Synth plugins and native VST support

Updated LV2 support

Recoded plugin backend code

More to come.....


Better Controller Input Support

Currently the input from controllers is chunky (already solved on the development side) a few more fixes to go.


Windows and Mac Support (Not started)

Full support for Open Octave Midi running under Windows and Mac! How exciting will that be?


Video Tracks (Not started)

2012 will bring state of the art video track editing so that you can easily edit your film score in realtime!


Surround Sound Mixing (Not started)

Surround sound mixing will bring the ultimate in theatre experience to your mixes done in Open Octave Midi!


Integrate for Syncing with MuseScore (Not started)

We will come up with a syncing mechanism with musescore so you can easily switch between the two applications and have the best of both worlds.


New Editing Canvas (Not started)

Fixing up the back end code so everything runs faster with huge projects.