About The Open Octave Project

Hello, and welcome to The Open Octave Project!

What does the Open Octave Project do for me?

We're bringing together a collection of applications, and developing our own, to provide a professional working environment that does the following:

  •  Enables users to work within a dedicated audio/midi projectbase, primarily for orchestral and film score use.
  •  Monitors closely developments within our applications of choice, and provide feedback to proactive developers, in a positive and constructive manner.
  •  Develop further, or build from scratch, applications with added or modified tools, with the intent of creating a continuous, efficient, and powerful workflow, from "A to B", removing as many obstacles or workarounds as possible.

We are focused on orchestral and film writing and recording, as a daily professional working environment, and are examining in fine detail the process of inputting, editing, and recording, to give a user the best possible opportunity for a smooth, unhindered, and efficient experience, maximising their productive time, and minimising where possible any non productive time, in a real use case scenario. We don't like workarounds anymore than anyone else, so we're keen to avoid or remove them, where we can.


Why does Open Octave exist?

The Open Octave team had talked for some time about linux audio and midi, and the viability of using Linux programs and utilities in both domestic and professional settings. After laying out initial project goals, we decided to bring together Linux audio and midi apps in a common environment, and further develop programs and workflow in a direction that would provide great tools for those writing music, including orchestral works. The Open Octave Project is in its infancy, but growing rapidly. With workflow at the core, the project team is committed to going foward towards the goal of united application low user maintenance music creation, incorporating audio and midi, with further plans towards using these tools to write for film, and image, using Linux video programs.

Who are we?

The Open Octave Project was a project  founded by TSI. The original people involved were, Christopher Cherrett, Andrew Williams, Alex Stone, and Wendy Cherrett. We're very pleased to welcome  Remon Sijrier and Goran Mekic to the team, each with extensive experience in both code and feature design.

The Open Octave Project team can be contacted at:


Founder (TSI):

Christopher Cherrett ccherrett@openoctave.org


Lead Developer (TSI):

Andrew Williams awilliams@openoctave.org


Production Engineering (Corcyra Global Ltd):

Rob Sherratt rsherratt@openoctave.org


Sound Designer:

James Tubbritt jtubbritt@openoctave.org


Mailing lists are up and running, and you can subscribe by sending a blank email with the relevent email address as follows:




For posting to these mailing lists, once subscribed, please use:




We've added an announce ML for packagers and users who would like to be kept up to date with our latest developments, and you can subscribe at:




Emails are sent to:







A Special Thanks To:

  • Christian and the Linuxsampler Team
  • Vladimir Savic (icons set work)

Additional Thanks To:

  • Fons Adriaensen


OOM2 is developed from the original MusE code base.

(forked on: Jan 9, 2011)

Due atttibution for this is given to the following:

Werner Schweer

Tim Donnelly

Nils Geisweiller

Frank Neumann

Mathias Lundgren

Joachim Schiele

Robert Jonsson

Orcan Ogetbil



Rui Nuno Capela for LV2 examples and inspiration.

Dave Robilliard

Nedko Arnaudov


Ladish Level 1

Nedko Arnaudov


SILK Icons

OOM2 uses icons from the SILK icon set developed by Mark James. We attribute Mark with credit for these icons which are licensed under the CC attribution license 3.0.

Legal confirmation done, we'd like to thank Mark personally from the OOP team, for this amazing icon set and the work that has gone into it.

Great stuff Mark, and thanks! 

You can find out more about the amazing SILK icon set at:



Sonatina Symphony Orchestra (SSO)

As an easy start option for new users, we've built some templates for OOM and Linuxsampler, and done so with a CC Licensed Sample Library called the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra (SSO). This SFZ format sample lib set was built by Mattias Westlund, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license.


NOTE: The original SSO library does not work under linux. Please use the version found on the wiki.