Open Octave MIDI Release Candidate #1!

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The final steps of our 1.0 release are at hand. So to get things out there we are  putting out Release Candidate #1. There are still a few things to do but all in all we are very happy with the progress and feel the program is at a very usable state!

What is different from Rosegarden 1.7.3 to Open Octave MIDI RC1?

Open Octave MIDI is based off of Rosegarden 1.7.3. While it is very similar in areas there is much that has changed. Dealing with the specific areas of workflow for professional orchestration, the speed of editing the midi has been reduced by a huge factor making it possible to now create music in days rather than weeks.

  • No more audio editing. Open Octave MIDI is focused on professional MIDI sequencing. For that reason we have removed all audio functions out of the sequencer. You can no longer edit audio in Open Octave MIDI.
  • No more notation. We felt that notation was too much for this project to handle when there are other applications doing notation very well. For that reason our goal is to work together with these applications through Jack MIDI to create a powerful pipeline.
  • Keystrokes are completely remapped

What is new?

  • Program Changes on the fly based on midi mappings that work in conjunction with Linuxsampler. You can now change between any articulation sample that your instrument can play in real time!
  • Up to 64 events inserted into a controller lane at a time instead of the old 8! The amount of inserted events is controled by the grid designation in the canvas. So if you set your grid to 64 you get 64 events per bar.
  • When creating a line of controllers, the new line overwrites the old events under it. This now makes it very easy to reshape events for beautiful swells just the way you imagined them!
  • Granular navigation of grid designation for much better control over your midi when using the keyboard.
  • Edit cursor now has a more defined role specified by the grid designation allowing bank program changes to be added in seconds with one keystroke!
  • Resizing notes in the matrix editor via keystrokes.
  • A new icons set that is almost complete! They are all finished but not commited to the repository yet. Coming soon!
  • You can now solo per track, giving you a very quick way to hear only specific tracks.
  • Hot Key Remapping!: The whole application has been carefully analyzed for workflow and is now completely remapped to allow for the fastest most intuative workflow possible! You can find a chart of the mappings from the old Rosegarden 1.7.3 to the new Open Octave MIDI. Open Octave MIDI hot key remapping.

Where can I get it?

git clone git://

When compiling please cd into the root of the project and do the following.

  • cmake .
  • make && make install

How can I get help?

  • Sign up for the support mailing lists on the About Page
  • Chat on the irc freenode server in the #openoctave channel

 Much more coming soon!



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