2 Scripts to Tie it all Together!

In keeping with our project goals at OpenOctave, we've been working towards a more automated setup, and as a result are building 2 scripts to aid the user in the process of managing midimaps in different formats, and the everyday process of starting and stopping multiple applications. The work goes on.!

MIDI mapping, The art of making multiple applications speak together!

A critical step that needs addressing before you can effectively use your studio setup, is the creation of a common set of  bank and instrument mappings across applications so they can all speak the same language. This is call MIDI mapping. At The Open Octave Project we have developed a script that takes an initial Linuxsampler .lscp map and converts it into .rgd and .midnam format. The .rgd can be loaded into Open Octave MIDI and the .midnam will be compatible with the new midi functions in Ardour 3.0. This means you create a single midimap, or set of midimaps, in Linuxsampler, and the rest is automated across apps using different formats, effectively saving you a lot  of work and time!

The script takes all of the MIDI ports from linuxsampler and exposes them and takes all of the audio outs from Linuxsampler and exposes them to Ardour for processing.

Starting and stopping together!

The second script is created to start and stop all the applications together while loading all the default templates. It sounds simple, it is simple and it just works :)

So from this point there is a lot to do with these scripts and they are not really ready for public consumption due to the fact that they deal with a lot of hard coded values. However our plan is to make them as flexible as possible!

I will tell you more soon, as well as look towards releasing them :)


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