OpenOctaveMidi 2011 is EPIC!

Open Octave Midi is a Linux based (looking to be crossplatform) Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) designed to give musicians the tools needed to make composing on a computer possible, and even fun!

We are an open sourced project (GPL v2 License), so using Open Octave Midi is free.

Open Octave Midi 2011.1 Released

The Conductor

A comprehensive engine to make multiple bank and patch insertion into the timeline a great experience. Make chains of patches, and quickly and efficiently add the patches in the ruler. Click another patch, add it manually, then start the sequencer again.

User created Round Robin sequences are more than possible, and bring a change from Sample Lib created Round Robin files that play the same way every time.

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Our new Midi Assign engine

A truly generic surface engine in which users can build specific CC assignments for control surfaces, can release the true value of using a specialised control surface, complete with feedback support, and a unique and intuitive learning method to give you complete flexibility.

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A completely new colour scheme

For easy track and part recognition. Choose from over 100 professionally designed colour matches that provide unique visual cues throughout the entire project, no matter how busy your masterpiece may be.

We've given each colour a unique name, making them easy and fun to identify, and remember.

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The Orchestra Pit

Consolidates all of your most important functions and configurations into one easy to use and easy to navigate environment, featuring Epic views, single track mixer, the Conductor, Comments, and routes.

The Performer Orchestra Pit features the Conductor, Tracklist, and Note info, ensuring you're in touch with all your essential project requirements.

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Cool new Fade In / Out and Auto Crossfade design

With sample accurate transitions you can quickly see how much fade is applied.

Overlap parts for seemless auto crossfading.

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Epic Views

Our brand new feature that makes multiple track transposed recording in one pass a reality, with Epic strings, Epic brass, and Epic choirs as examples of the power of using Epic views, and brings massive time saving workflow to you.

No more recording the same line in several tracks one at a time.

Create an Epic view, hit Record, and play. Easy.

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New Main Mixer

With multiple row selection, mixer strip expand and contract, either individually, or globally, 1024 plugin slots, and more, gives you a truly customised overview of your entire project, harnessing the true power of Epic Views.

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New Mixerdock

Seemlessly works together with EPIC Views to instantly provide a mixer strip view of your tracks in the Composer, and makes checking levels a workflow delight.

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The OpenOctave Orchestral Template

Out of the box orchestral scoring is now a reality with the oomidi-template. Powered by the Sonatina Symphony Orchestra, the oomidi-template opens a new world for users, whether it's scoring for YouTube, your first indie projects, or full feature film.

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OpenOctave Studio

The Open Octave Studio becomes the heart of your audio setup. This innovative new session manager truly is a breath of fresh air!  In one word... Easy!

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New Epic Keyswitch Engine

For allocating patches to keyswitches. You can now bring your favourite patches together in one efficient workflow, and by harnessing the power of single touch keyswitching, you can effectively use your keyboard controller to switch between articulations with one hand, while inputting your Epic score with the other.

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Track headers have been redesigned with you in mind!

Complete control of gain, pan, automation, record, mute, solo, as well as three user defined project management buttons from one small and compact interface, that adjusts it's controls with the height of the track. Monitor midi input and vu levels as well as quickly identifying full header length tracknames at a glance.

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The Tracklist

Puts the professional Midi Composer in one window, from project creation to finish. Edit in the Performer with multiple part input, edit and remove, create and delete parts, Epic recording, and much more.

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Extensively redesigned Automation

Features, including easy to grab nodes, instant node creation and removal, and Copy/Paste Automation sections to another part or section of another track.

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LV2, Ladspa, and DSSI effect plugin support

And a completely new plugin manager with intelligent filtered search functions.

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Import midimaps directly from Linuxsampler

With our unique Import Instrument feature.

No more building your large sample library banks and patches twice.

Do it once in Linuxsampler, and Import Instruments creates a matching Instrument Set.

A massive time saver!

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