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Yes, it's true, OpenOctave videos, and the opportunity to send us a quick tweet, are available for our users.

To find us, simply type in:


 in the site you want, and enjoy the videos, or send us a tweet.

 Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/openoctave

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/openoctave

Twitter: http://twitter.com/openoctave

 We look forward to getting your input!


The OpenOctaveProject team.


OOP Scripts Online!

The Open Octave Project: Open Octave Scripts

Due to popular demand, I have just created a new page on the site for dowloading the helper scripts for The Open Octave Project Pipeline.



NOTE: these scripts need user modification to run properly.


more to come on using the scripts!......

Technical Overview Videos HD

Finally! :)

I have put together a quick technical overview of The Open Octave Project Pipeline.

You can watch the original .ogv here:


You can watch them in HD on youtube here:





2 Scripts to Tie it all Together!

In keeping with our project goals at OpenOctave, we've been working towards a more automated setup, and as a result are building 2 scripts to aid the user in the process of managing midimaps in different formats, and the everyday process of starting and stopping multiple applications. The work goes on.!

MIDI mapping, The art of making multiple applications speak together!

A critical step that needs addressing before you can effectively use your studio setup, is the creation of a common set of  bank and instrument mappings across applications so they can all speak the same language. This is call MIDI mapping. At The Open Octave Project we have developed a script that takes an initial Linuxsampler .lscp map and converts it into .rgd and .midnam format. The .rgd can be loaded into Open Octave MIDI and the .midnam will be compatible with the new midi functions in Ardour 3.0. This means you create a single midimap, or set of midimaps, in Linuxsampler, and the rest is automated across apps using different formats, effectively saving you a lot  of work and time!

The script takes all of the MIDI ports from linuxsampler and exposes them and takes all of the audio outs from Linuxsampler and exposes them to Ardour for processing.

Starting and stopping together!

The second script is created to start and stop all the applications together while loading all the default templates. It sounds simple, it is simple and it just works :)

So from this point there is a lot to do with these scripts and they are not really ready for public consumption due to the fact that they deal with a lot of hard coded values. However our plan is to make them as flexible as possible!

I will tell you more soon, as well as look towards releasing them :)

Open Octave Strings Orchestral Wallpapers are Ready!

The new strings section wallpaper is ready! It is packed with very useful information that you will require to properly mix your strings into a score. It gives quick reference to frequencies, notation, ranges, harmonics as well as orchestral seating and positioning.

This is a must have wallpaper for those aspiring composers who need that extra bit of knowledge!

You can download several different resolutions to fit your needs:

The Open Octave Project: Wallpapers


Open Octave Strings Orchestral Wallpaper Coming Soon!

We have been working quietly on wallpaper to share with you!

This wallpaper outlines the range of the Strings section of the orchestra. It also features frequencies of each note, notation as well as a classic seating plan for the orchestra.

It is meant as a guide to help you when editing midi, panning, EQing and adding reverb to your orchestral mixes.

More to come on the release day!

Open Octave MIDI Hot Key Map almost done!

I have completed the hot key labels and only need to finish the mouse labelings.

The work continues! :)

Good News and Bad News

(Video Tutorial is not done, Last Hot Key Done, Hot Key Map Getting Done!)

Bad news first :(

After coding all day I was not able to get the technical video screencast done for Open Octave MIDI. I was working on a new feature and I simply ran out of time. That said I hope to have the video done very soon!

Good News!

  1. I have completed and commited the last of the changes to the Hot Key functions. To select notes in the Matrix Editor you use SHIFT + Right (Left) arrows. The cursor now moves by grid snap designation, giving you much more control with the keyboard! So go ahead and try it out!
  2. I am working on a Hot Key Map based off the Blender Hot Key Map style. I am hoping to have this done soon, and for sure ready for the 1.0 release of Open Octave MIDI which is coming soon!

Special thanks to Campbell Barton of Blender for permission to use the hot key map design!

More to come soon!

The New Icons in Open Octave MIDI!

The new icons authored by Vladimir Savic are in Open Octave MIDI!

The icons blend well with the new dark theme, and are another great addition to assist in the ease of use through colors and style that we are striving for.

Thanks Vladimir!

P.S. Go ahead and download the changes in the git repository!

Open Octave Midi in the Gentoo pro-audio overlay!

We're pleased to notify Gentoo users that openoctave-midi is now an ebuild in the pro-audio overlay. The pro-audio overlay contains a list of audio packages that can be installed using the portage packaging system in gentoo.

You can read more about pro-audio overlay at their website

Thanks to Marc and Florian for their help.

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